30 SEP 2004 Haunted Mansion Holiday Event 2004

i know some of you may not see this as related to art at all, but like all of tim burton's films, nightmare before christmas has very unique look to it... the look of the movie is as cartoony as it is gothic and is still very popular in today's pop culture... the movie is so cool that it even made it's way into an attraction at disneyland! starting in the first week of october, disneyland's famous haunted mansion opens it's doors as the "haunted mansion holiday" the idea is that jack visits the haunted mansion and gives it an "an ex-scream makeover" or so says the disneyland website... basically the entire atrration is redecorated from the ground up to celebrate a scary rather than merry christmas- complete with scarols! leigh-ann and i attended the awesome opening event this year and we took tons of pictures to share with you! be sure to check out both my pictures (below) and leigh-ann's pictures! enjoy!