16 JUL 2005 MiceChat DrinkUp: Mission 2

as most of you know, i am a total disney dork! i belong to several disney park-related sites and enjoy keeping up on the rumors and happenings at disneyland and the other disney parks around the world... one of these sites/communities i belong to is micechat... as a proud disney dork, i knew that most everyone who is in love with the parks would be at disneyland on july 17th to celebrate disneyland's 50th birthday... with that in mind, i also figured most everyone would be staying there the night before, making a perfect time for a meetup! and what better place to meet up, then at a bar? how about meeting at 3 bars?! so i organized the "micechat drinkup: mission 2" for the night of the 16th! mission 1 was back on may 4th when we were all at the park for the kickoff of the 18-month long 50th celebration and it was quite a fun experience with highlights including the tower of terror: disneyland hotel edition... and the 2nd drinkup was no disappointment! with meetups at tortilla jo's, the uva, and the lost bars, we were pretty lit by the end of the evening- only to nap and head over to line up to get into disneyland in the morning!

  1. hey keith it was awsome meeting u