17 JUL 2006 Fifty-ONE years ago... Disneyland's 51st!

on july 17, 2006, disneyland celebrated it's 51st birthday, but to the normal day guests i'm sure it seemed like a just another day in the park... see, the 50th celebration (for last year's big birthday) was planned as an 18-month event... and since we're only in the 14th month or so the celebration is apparently still "kicking into high gear!" that pretty much means all the 50th stuff is still up and will continue to be up for a few more months... but to us diehard lovers of disneyland, this wasn't just another day in the 50th celebration and we were bound and determined to let others know :)

since we didn't know what to expect, i went ahead and scheduled a micechat drinkup the night before the 17th just like i did last year... a decent group showed up at the two drinkup meets i made it to, but it was nothing like the out of control madness that ensued last year... between the drinkup meets, we headed over to the camelot hotel (formerly the park inn international) next to the infamous mcdonalds out on harbor so we could enjoy the fireworks from afar and chill with our lounge of tomorrow friends... the fireworks show proved to be quite the amusement since we couldn't hear the soundtrack from where we were and all ended up contributed to a nice group acapella version of the soundtrack...after much more drinking and madness, leigh-ann, joe, matt, and i headed back to our hotel room to rest up for the day ahead... our hotel room came with a blacklight mounted between the beds (see photo below - our blacklight) and had glow in the dark stars painted on the ceiling... very odd and entertaining!

in the morning i made a quick run to mcdonald's and a took a short swin in the hotel pool... afterwards, we got ready for action and headed over to disneyland :) we actually made it to the noon hub meet before everyone dispersed and i collected a bunch of people's annual passes (see photo below -me holding the passes) to go get our space mountain fastpasses which we would be using later on in the evening... the day proved to be quite hot and humid and we finally gave in and headed over to DCA to hop on GRR and cool down... by the time we got into DCA, put our stuff in lockers, and got through the line to board our raft thingie the sky had darkened, a breeze began blowing, and some rain started coming down... GRR was amusing and we all got pretty soaked... at this point i was dead tired and all i wanted to do was head to a hotel room and sleep... but instead, we got in line for TOT... (see photo below - us on tower) after TOT my wishes came true as we headed over to the lounge of tomorrow suite...

(more to this story coming later today including the exciting *ONE* adventures to promote aweness of disneyland's 51st!)

be sure to check out leigh-ann's photos - she's got a bunch of the lounge of tomorrow suite and stuff ;)