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25 DEC 2004 Gingerbread Madness!

this december, my cousin- nicole, her boyfriend- steve, my brother- kevin, and i decided to make a gingerbread house... but not just any gingerbread house... this was to be a ranch/farm where santa went to get away! complete with lake, waterfall, barn, pasture, pathways, fences, and mansion; i think we did an awesome job! we even installed lights inside the mansion and the barn to illuminate the faux stained glass windows :)

the first 3 photos are from december 22nd, the rest are from christmas night on the 25th when it was completed! :) some of the photos came out blurry due to some weirdness with my wide angle lens... the last few pictures are really my favorites as they are very crisp and clear... some long exposures, too!