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26 JUL 2005 3d from 2d - ViewMaster style!

okay so you know how you could take 2 pix of the same thing, just with the cam moved slightly to the side on one of the pix and together they would make a 3d image? then if you used a stereo viewer like a viewmaster or crossed your eyes you would be able to see it in 3d? well someone on a forum i read was talking about viewmasters and how it would be cool to be able to take any photo like a vacation photo and make it into a 3d image like one you would look at in a viewmaster... so i decided it would be fun to try, and i succeeded!

my 3d image from a single 2d photograph!

my 3d image from a single 2d photograph!

just sit about 3-4 feet away from your moniter and relax/cross your eyes so the two pix meet as one and it will be 3d!

  1. i'm still amazed at how cool this is :)

  2. OH-MUH-GAWWWH'D! asldkjfhasdklfjhaslkjdfhas.... I CANT BELIEVE I CAN POST COMMENTS NOW! Where do I start!? Is it the couture blue drapes that wrap the SuperK site? Is it the fierce 3-D mohawk Keith is sporting in above picture-yonder? Is it the fact that, life just kicks way more ass with comments!? I'm going to celebrate and pour a vodka tonic! xoxo

  3. >> i'm still amazed at how cool this is :) YES. This is even cooler than Starbucks coffee liqueur. And WAY more fierce. ^_^

  4. This is CrAzY.. 3D on my computer.. What a concept. :-)

  5. my favorite part was when it was all 3d. i was all like!