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15 DEC 2005 Re-design: echeblog

i've been hard at work lately making lots of cool stuff for lots of cool clients! a project i just completed today was a blog redesign for marc over at echeblog... the redesign came out really well in my opinion and looks really clean and polished... i find making an initial design, then showing it to the client and some fellow designers for suggestions is the best way to go about something like this... in this case i got input from several people with lots of different views and insight... when i receive opinions i usually try and dig deeper to see exactly what it is the person sees as the cause for the fault by playing a little devil's advocate... i know this bugs some people, but i find it the best way to get innovative suggestions... the finished product reflects the changes suggested to me, which i then refined to accomodate readability and other small issues...

marc seems happy with my work and i'm glad i could come up with something so fun and visually appealing for him :) your thoughts? constructive criticism always welcome here!

  1. You did a great job! Its good to get people's ideas on your work and to consider their suggestions, even though I know I still have a tough time taking constructive criticism. Anyway, I love the new design. I'm looking forward to future projects with you!

  2. things really are looking great here!!

  3. nice to hear from you, kahil! :)

  4. no prob! I'll be sure to keep coming by here!