13 AUG 2005 My SuPeR Dirty Birthday Bash! OMG I'm 24!

since my birthday is coming up on august 16th, i decided the 13th would be a great day to celebrate- and how! this year, in addition to the mud wrestling maddness that ensued last year, i got my wonderful friend laurie beth to come and do one of her infamous "fuckerware" presentations! if you don't have any idea what this is, check out this article about her from back in 2000... having setup leigh-ann's backyard lounge several times in the past for mud wrestling, we definately knew what we needed to do and how to do it best and it showed! we setup relatively quickly, with only 2 wheelbarrows of dirt needed a bit later which i didn't feel like sifting myself... all-in-all setup was pretty simple...

around 5pm, the first arrivals began to show... not bad considering most everyone i know was checking out the park party thrown by stina and friends to celebrate the homecoming of a friend... apparently people were torn on which party to go to not really realizing they could do both... i pretty much told them to go check out the oter party, then head my way afterwards... and so it came to pass that way :) anywho, by 6 we started getting a decent crowd... oliver (fhrost) was spinning some nice shit and we were having a nice time chilling and setting up last minute things like putting the ice and drinks into the buckets and stuff... some people could only stop by for a few minutes, but i was so happy to see everyone so thanx for stopping by if you did, even if it was only for a few minutes...

things were really starting to go into full swing around 7:30, so i announced the beginning of the mud wrestling and we got everyone outside to check it out! first up, cassie versus yours truely! tony (pengo) emceed the wrestling and gave the play by play... i was announced first and slid into the pit on the slip n slide, followed by cassie... then it was on! withing second we were rolling around in and completely covered with mud! within a few minutes i pinned cassie down and won round 1! next up i believe was aimee versus sofa! this was and great match... they both slid in on the slip n slide and proceeded to do the dirty... haha it was a good match and i think sofa came out the winner... then we tried to get some others to wrestle 1-on-1, but people were being "clean" as usual and trying to avoid the mud... eventually it turned into the usual each man for himself slapdown with roughly 8-10 people in the mud all against each other! at one point, all the girls decided it would be fun to take me on- all of them against me... but i still won! hahaha

as part 1 of the mud wrestling match concluded, the children in attendance left the party as the adult fun was about to begin! inside, laurie beth was all setup to do her presentation when i came to check on things, so i went back outside and announced that it was time to head in the house to see all the interesting stuff laurie beth had in store for us! i'm not sure how many people we crammed into leigh-ann's living room, but it was quite amusing! laurie beth introduced herself and then began to show us what she had with her... sex rocks, dildos, and a magic carpet to boot- we were thouroughly amused! as her presentation ended, she whipped out some lingere catalogs and all the girls started looking for fun outfits to wear to dreamscape (the pajama party rave here in vegas october 1, 2005 which i am spinning at 8-9pm!)

soon most people were back outside and more mud wrestling ensued! i was a bit tipsy at this point so i apologize if i was totally sucking at deejaying... see, the only thing i really told anyone to bring was rum! so we had rum, and lots of it! form the captain's parrot bay and malibu, to the captain's spiced and tattoo- we were set! as it got later, i decided to throw on some pre-recorded music and go enjoy myself some more... people came and left all night long... my cousin and my brother set up a tent in the back yard and by sunrise, we still had 10 or so people hanging out... around 6:30am, the last of the partiers took off after helping me clean up a bit... (thanx!)

so there you have it! my super dirty birthday bash! *does the birthday dance!* thank you to everyone who came and made my party super fun for me! i love you guys!

in addition to my photos (thanks to my cousin nicole for taking most of these!), be sure to check out more of the fun at acidwarped.com and ravingseraph.com (will be up soon)!

  1. I had such a great time!!

  2. that was so awesome! and those pictures turned out great :)

  3. I wish I could have made it, but Angelo had to work, and I was stuck in a tight boat with the baby. Please know that I think about you all the time, and one day I'll make it up to you for not attending. I could care a less about the party, I care more about you, and am pissed that I didn't show up. ALL MY LOVE, Alysha ..xoxox

  4. HaPPy BiRtHDaY BiTcHeS! Love you LOTS!

  5. awwww! now that looked like it was some fun! to bad i missed it :( but happy birthday anyways keithypoo!

  6. ARRRGH, I totally missed out on the par-tay of the century. Damn LA. Super-K your hair looks FIERCE!!! Happy B'day!

  7. RAWR, looks like you had a SUPER fun time. Wish I could have been there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <3

  8. the crazyness !!!!!!! we are pros at the mud parties we could make bank if we really wanted to lol

  9. we totally could!

  10. those pics are the best...even got me a little wet. who doesn't love a good ole wrasslin' w/mud!?!

  11. would it be wrong of me to ask if I can have my icon changed from "i suck" to "i swallow" ? just a question from yours truly